15 Best Croissants in Paris: À la Française

Croissants, Is the first thing that comes to mind when we talking about Paris. Is the fabulous Parisian breakfast features with a crunchy and golden croissant with your favorite coffee.

There are countless bakeries in Paris that offer a great quality croissant with extra butter, jam, chocolate, or just as it is. for sure you will enjoy this Classic French viennoiserie.

Here are the places you can find the best croissant in Paris.

PIERRE HERMÉ: The bakery combines particular flavors and particular textures. an extra dose of butter gives Caramel color, puff pastry to croissants. A real tasty pleasure.

HOUSE PICHARD: La Maison Pichard is a family bakery for more than 20 years prepares all kinds of pastries, all delicious, but a special Note to croissant winning the best croissant of the year award in 2011.

All the flours come from organic farming and everything is prepared with care for extra quality pastry.

THE FRENCH BASTARDS: The French Bastards the Parisian boutique offers a traditional pastry with modern style; Pain au chocolat, marbled cakes, raisin roll, baguette … all you want. but the star is the butter croissant, a flavor shiny color you must to try.

LAURENT DUCHENE: The winner of the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France, a craftsman award for his culinary achievements. the boulangerie offers the famous buttered croissant, stuffed with chocolate with different textures. the best in the city.

GONTRAN CHERRIER: the bakery has great skills and big love for pastries comes from his family.

You will enjoy a beautiful classic croissant with an exceptional outer crust. special design, special taste, lightly caramelized color on the top of the croissant makes it so yummy.

DES GATEAUX ET DU PAIN: The best pastries in Paris offer a high end and luxurious cakes. always with a touch of creativity, the boulangerie offers sumptuous croissants, not like your regular one.

THE GOSSELIN: A family business for three generations, Over the past twenty years, has won a multitude of awards which include ‘Best Bakery of 2015‘ and the ‘Best Baguette in Paris’. They offer savory plain butter croissants and other tasty treats. So delicious.

MAISON PRADIER: Maison Pradier is a company that has been around since 1859. No better place for an original breakfast in Paris. They offer beautiful food includes homemade patisseries and croissants which are so tasty. For sure you will back if you try the first croissant.

LIBERTE PATISSERIE BOULANGERIE: you will find here the best food and without a doubt the croissants. they know what they make. you can’t avoid the smell, the taste, the color of the croissant, is a masterpiece, and you will never forget the soft texture of a spectacular croissant.

 BOULANGERIE CEDRIC GROLET: the World’s Best Pastry Chef Cédric Grolet  offers bread, viennoiseries, sweets, chocolate, as well as pastries, dishes And a delicious croissant to enjoy, at his his bakery-patisserie in the Opéra neighborhood in Paris

JEAN MILLET: This quaint bakery at the corner of rue Saint-Dominique and rue Malar, which is also a café, since 1963. Here you find the best pains au chocolat in Paris. And The almond croissants are the star. the bakery offers drink as well, so will enjoy your delicious croissant with a cup of coffee, Its a best souvenir in Paris.

BLE SUCRE: This little gem is the bakery of the famous pastry chef Fabrice Le Bourdat. The traditional croissant is the archetype of the croissant: lightly buttery and crisp on the outside, soft and flaky on the inside. the taste is just fabulous.

STPHRER: their croissants are amongst the best you can find in Paris.

Is the oldest patisserie in Paris, was founded in 1730 by King Louis XV’s pastry chef, Nicolas Stohrer. Still located rue Montorgueil, this establishment has taken on mythical qualities over time. Now listed as a historical site, its lavish décor was designed by a student of Paul Baudry, who decorated the Opéra Garnier.

Century after century, this mecca for both sweet and savory delicacies, where everything is prepared in-house, has offered the best of classic French pastry. Rum babas (invented by Nicolas Stohrer himself), puits d’amour, old-fashioned religious, exceptional vol-au-vent…

The Dolfi family, who owns the House, is faithful to tradition and wishes to keep the spirit of Stohrer alive, relying on its incomparable legacy and the know-how of head pastry chef Jeffrey Cagnes.

LE GRENIER A PARIS: In the heart of Montmartre, you can try this delicious croissant, The bakery keeps Preserving a traditional technique to make his pastries, that is why Le Grenier à Paris has won the Best Croissant in Paris award multiple times. is adored by Parisians and pretty much everyone who has visited it

DU PAIN ET DES IDEES: The croissants from Du Pain et des Idées is incredible, offer tasty buttery tones make it Crusty, golden and rich. with a touch of modernity of a hint of almond, boldness shape with twisted ends giving the croissant more crunch.