20 Best Summer Cocktails 2020

All you need for your summer holiday is to chill, relax and enjoy your time.
Here is the list of 20 summer cocktails to boost your mood for the whole day.

1- Mojito: Fresh mint leaves,  white rum, ice cubes, white sugar, wedges of lime, and soda water.

2-Gin and Tonic: Gin, tinic water, ice cube and lime wedge for garnish.

3- Cuba libre: Rum, wedges of lime, cola and ice cube.

4-Margarita: Tequila , lime juice , liquieur , salt , liqueur and ice cube.

5- The Cosmo: Cosmopolitan: Vodka, liqiueur , cranberry and lime juice.

6- Martini: Pimiento-stuffed olives, Ice cubes, gin or vodka , Dry vermouth.

7- Aperol Spritz: Slices of orange , ice cubes, chilled Prosecco , Aperol and  sparkling water.

8- Daiquiri: Rum ,  lime juice,  syrup, ice cubes and  lime twist for garnish.

9- Long island ice tea: Tequila, rum, vodka, gin, triple sec, lemon juice, ice cubes, cola, syrup, and lemon wedges.

10- Mai Tai: Rum, liqueur, syrup, lime juice and for garnish: mint and lime.

11- Negroni: Gin, campari, vermouth, ice cube, orange peel for garnish.

12- Old fashioned: Whiskey, Sugar Cube (white), Orange Peel, ice and aromatic bitters.

13- Sex on the beach: Vodka, liqueur, orange and cranberry juice, ice cube, and for garnish orange wedge and umbrella.

14- Champagne cocktail: Champagne, liqueur, sugar cube and angostura bitters.

15- Gin Gin Mule: Lime juice, syrup, gin, ginger beer and mint leaves.

16- Bramble: Gin, lemon juice, syrup, Crème de Mure and fresh blackberry.

17-Paloma: Tequila, grapefruit juice, lime juice, syrup, salt and ice cube.

18- Gimlet: Gin and lime juice.

19- Tequila Sunrise: Orange juice, tequila, syrup, a slice of orange and berries for garnish.

20- Jack and Coke: Jack Daniel, Coca-Cola and ice cubes.