20|20 Perfume From J.F Schwarzlose Berlin: Review

JF Schwarzlose 20 | 20 – 1920 meets 2020

20I20 celebrates the centennial of Berlin’s ‘Roaring, Golden 1920s’ – a legendary era of glam, excess and irreverence – internationally known as “The Roaring 1920’s”. The formula of 20I20 is a contemporary interpretation of the theme: A burst of floral, fruity sweetness mingles with spicy patchouli and cool freshness of rose and geranium – 1920’s glamour reissued for the new Twenties and today’s fragrance lovers of generation X, Y & Z.

The scent is a new interpretation of CHIC, Schwarzlose’s iconic 1920’s perfume, that was a sensation 100 years ago with its fine blend of patchouli and velvety sweetness. CHIC’s original formula was determined in an elaborate process from archived original bottles from the 1920s and interpreted in a modern way by J.F. Schwarzlose perfumer Véronique Nyberg (MANE). Tradition inspires creativity when 1920 meets 2020 – in Berlin, the place where anything goes. J.F Schwarzlose Berlin.

20I20 Eau de parfum from J.F Schwarzlose Berlin celebrates the legendary era of glamour, a centennial of Berlin’s ‘Roaring, Golden 1920s’. is a modern vision of the iconic CHIC perfume. created in 2019 by the master perfumer Veronique Nyberg.

We received the bottle from the house, thanks J.F Schwarzlose for this valuable gift, and below is our review.

From the very first moment I received the sample, the magic of the 20|20 scent snatched me up for a while, it brought me into a mood of tranquility.

I usually leave the perfume for a period of days and then return to it when I feel like it. Every time I smell the perfume, it gives me an aura of calm and serenity, especially when it cools down.

The first thing when smelling the perfume, you will be surprised by the scent of fragrant roses mixed with the scent of benzoin, which imparts a warm and sweet balsamic fragrance that is characterized by a slight heat that is strong but prominent.

For a while the fragrance revives you and as it charges all the energy of your body. I like this feeling. It’s proof that the perfume has something to tell you.

After that, the scent of the rose begins to fade and disappear a little, to reveal the scent of the patchouli. It gives the fragrance that aura of mystery and sweetness woody with an amazing feeling of depth, making it stick to the body as if it has become an integral part of the skin.

The patchouli with a very mysterious scent. starts to appear magically. it is delicious and irresistible pulls you to a place you do not know and even you do not want to know it, it is soft, easy, deep, good, and absolutely delicious as a woman full of femininity. It puts you in a state of beauty with yourself and in a state of calm allows you to be away from all the noise.

When you are at that deep stage, something comes from ambergris and in fact, I think that is the secret that made me fall in love with this perfume, I am a fan of ambergris I use it a lot in home scenting.

The scent of ambergris is intertwined with the remnants of the patchouli and the rose and gives it a touch of sharpness that makes the scent a mixture of tranquility on one side and on the other side, of heat, and excitement.

The pink pepper gives the Spicy, fruity, slightly woody tone mixed together with a ​light minty aroma from geranium.all this takes place in with the rose scent. Can you imagine this chemistry?

20|20 Eau de parfum fits perfectly with my body and my mood because I love the contrast between the serenity and adventure.

If your personality like me tends to calm, but you always have a craving for a sweet adventure, you should try 20|20 perfume. It is best suited to this character.

20|20 eau de parfum: What more

It is a fragrance that fits all seasons because it is sweet and light in the moderate seasons, and spicy and woody warm in the cold seasons.

The fragrance has a long-lasting, As for me, it lasts for more than 8 hours, but I do not skimp on me from an overdose of spray more than once in a day.

Tope note: Rose, Benzoin

heart note: Patchouli, Ambergris

base note: Pink pepper, Geranium

20|20 is Eau de Parfum – Unisex available on 50ml and 100ml

Make your order and enjoy this amazing fragrance