4 Beach essentials for your perfect summer look.

For an elegant look, you need to have these 4 beach accessories in your wardrobe for a perfect day at the Beach.


The most popular and comfortable shoes for beach is definitely a good pair of slipper

here the list when you can find comfy and elegant slipper.

Hermes Oran Sandal

Dior slipper

Jimmy Choo

Miu Miu


No beach without a Flat, not just for a gorgeous look but also to protect your had from the sun, here where you can find a good one.

Maison Michelle


Neiman Marcus

Eugenia Kim


Is the most important accessories you must-have on the beach, so you must invest in a good quality piece, some of the perfect bag’s designers for a perfect look at the beach is.

Celine straw bag

Jacquemus straw bag

Dior book tote

Chanel canvas tote


They are The summer queen accessories, read our previous article and choose your favorite.