Bvlgari: Barocko High Jewellery Collection

Bvlgari celebrated her collection Barocko High Jewellery in a sparkling runway on the 14th of September at the Palazzo Colonna. The show radiated with Sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and diamonds inspired by Roman Baroque beauty.

Barocko jewellery: Message For Hope and Optimism

One-of-a-kind jewels reinterpreting the art and the exuberant lifestyle of the Baroque era where the Pearls, the ultimate Baroque emblem of luxury and a timeless symbol of elegance.

The Barocko Collection is a contemporary take on Roman Baroque art and architecture that celebrates life and beauty. inspired by one of the greatest periods of European history from 1600 – 1800, and it weaves an exquisite narrative between the Maison, the city of Rome, and the Baroque style. which aimed to recreate the grandeur of this golden era to our modern history.

Bvlgari’s Barocko high jewellery collection delivers a message of hope and optimism with its vibrant colors, light effects, extravagant shapes, and other intricate details. With this High Jewelry collection, Bulgari hopes to spread joy and positivity around the world.

Barocko jewellery inspired by Roman Baroque art

“The thing I really loved about creating this collection is that Baroque is perfectly imperfect in shape and wonderfully rich in colour, as we are here at Bvlgari. We interpreted the movement with a touch of rock attitude for style, because Bvlgari is also rock! Thanks to our craftsmanship, the shape and volume of the collection ensures Bvlgari’s bold aesthetic vision, creating a rich collection for both design and quality. The unique stones and colour combinations that we’ve used in Barocko recall the magnificence of Rome and Bvlgari, spreading a message of joy and positivity.” Lucia Silvestri Creative Director.

Same as the traits of Baroque art, the Barocko collection plays with light and shadow while also adding a sense of dramatic movement through its sinuous lines and lively hues Baroque architecture motifs like the curved lines of 16th-century’s decors.

From the iconic Fountain of the Four Rivers sculpted by Lorenzo Bernini and the near church of Sant’Agnese in Agone designed by Francesco Borromini to the Horti Farnesiani complex on the Palatino hill and the bronze statue of Archangel Michael located on the top the Castel Sant’Angelo papal fortress, Rome’s Baroque landmarks, influence the combination of dramatic grandeur and a graceful lightness of the new Barocko high-jewelry collection.

Creativity and Craftsmanship

The baroque style is brought to life through generous volumes, plentiful use of vivid gemstones, an abundance of curlicues, and sumptuously indulgent details in each of these one-of-a-kind jewels and extravagant. It’s an artisanal manifestation of vibrant colors, scintillating light effects, fanciful shapes, exquisite details, and harmony between flamboyancy and refinement that convey a glimmer of positivity.

As the collection’s name suggests, the timeless influence of Rome’s Baroque artistic and architectural heritage meets Bvlgari’s daring and audacious spirit in Barocko. The rings, necklaces, and earrings are voluptuous, complex, and mesmerizingly geometric – unexpected cuts and angles make for whimsy that is surprising from the typical opulent.

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