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20 Best Summer Cocktails 2020

All you need for your summer holiday is to chill, relax and enjoy your time.Here is the list of 20 summer cocktails to boost your mood for the whole day. 1- Mojito: Fresh mint leaves,  white rum, ice cubes, white sugar, wedges of lime, and soda water. 2-Gin and Tonic: Gin, tinic water, ice cube and …


the best fashion books to read in 2020

1 Dior: ”Moments of Joy” by Muriel Teodori ”Moments of Joy” invite us to discover the house of Dior universe with a focus on pleasure and jubilation, It’s a beautiful compilation of stories of Dior’s successes, friendships, and creativity depicted via illustrations, behind the scenes of  220 images brimming with joy, The book explores Dior’s …