Chanel: Métiers d’Art 2020/21 Collection

Chanel presented the Métiers d’Art 2020/21 collection inside Château de Chenonceau by the creator director Virginie Viard with 50 models and the sole guest and Chanel ambassador Kristen Stewart.

Métiers d’Art is the 19 edition this year, is Chanel’s annual tradition pay tribute to the skills of the craftsmanship and artisans that Chanel worked with for years and support the high couture and workshops.

About the Castle:

The choice of the castle has great connotations, closely related to the Coco Chanel and the house itself. Two hours far from Paris, in France’s Loire Valley located the 16th-century castle Château de Chenonceau, also known as Le Château des Dames surrounded by magnificent woodland and gardens is a building was the home of legendary and powerful women such as Catherine de’ Medici the queen consort of France, and Diane de Poitiers.

“It was designed and lived in by women, including Diane de Poitiers and Catherine de’ Medici. It is a castle on a human scale. And Catherine de’ Medici’s emblem was a monogram composed of two intertwined Cs, just like that of Chanel,”

“We don’t know if Coco was directly inspired by her, but it is highly likely because she so admired Renaissance women. Her taste for lace ruffs and the aesthetic of certain pieces of her jewelry comes from there. Deep down, this place is a part of Chanel’s history.” Virginie Viard

About the Collection:

The castle and these influencers’ women served as inspiration for Viard, Which is strongly evident in the whole collection. The show filmed in the castle’s ballroom where the models were marching across the black and white checkered marble floors. Black was dominant in the collection, the only color that Catherine wore after the death of her husband Henry II.

There were some beautiful pieces in the collection includes black-and-white checked mini skirts with bouclé blazers. the footless Jane Fonda aerobic tights in shiny colors, the velvet greatcoats, and the glinting gray tweed coat dress. The waxy leather biker jackets with crystal sleeves and pearl collars, and floral embroidery on jacket inspired by the castle gardens. The black and white chequered handbags inspired by the chequered floor and Chanel’s signature two-tone pumps in new colors glittery gold and silver beside the hats from Maison Michel were the most prominent accessories.

The makeup inspired by the powerful women created by Lucia Pica “The makeup is graphic and strong, it exaggerates the eyes into a bigger, wider shape. The look emphasizes black and matte on the eyes with clear shiny lips and a blurry matte skin.”

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