Dior: Cruise 21 A real fashion show in Puglia

On 22 July 2020, Dior presented its Cruise 2021 collection in Lecce, a historic town in the Puglia region in Southern Italy.

The Cruise 21 collection pays homage to the Puglia region

The show celebrates the Pugliese culture; the art, the dance, the song in a live dance performance by Fondazione La Notte Della Taranta, music by Paolo Buovino, and Choreography by Sharon Eyal.

“The people of Puglia share some of the stories and passions of their picturesque and historical home, a place filled with beauty at every turn, and a stronghold of age-old traditions and craftsmanship” Dior.

Cruise 21: A real runway show

Dior show was a real runway but without the audience presented in the small town Piazza del Duomo, the construction of the spectacular set requiring 12 days to assemble, The traditional luminaries weigh a total of 60 tons and featured 30,000 colored LED bulbs, while the catwalk takes 2.25 minutes to walk.

Pietro Beccari: The reasons behind the Diors’ show

Pietro Beccari, the president and CEO at the brand, said the reasons behind the show “ luxury is emotions and when it comes to fashion there is nothing that carries the emotion of a real fashion show, a live performance where art is performed without a safety net.”

In this difficult time: Dior sends a message of support, hope, and rebirth to the world

The brand continues to support everyone involved in the show, from the artisans who produce the clothes to the models who wear them and everyone in between, “The support for our country is important for both of us, the support for the Puglia region, which was so badly hit by the crisis and on the edge of bankruptcy, but with a strong will to fight.”

Maria Grazia Chiuri: I am an artisanal designer

Maria Grazia Chiuri The artistic director of Dior’s womenswear sends a strong lover letter to the local artisans and creative heritage of the region which often overlooked.

“I am an artisanal designer, I’m not a digital creative. I don’t think it’s possible to think that creativity can become only digital. I work with artisanal artists, with artisanal directors, artisanal musicians.”

“My father was born here, and I used to come here every year during my holidays, When I was a child, my grandmother and my uncle used to do all kinds of typical crafts — loom weaving and tombolo lace making. These are elements that we don’t normally celebrate much, because there’s this idea that it’s domestic work, something that women make at home for their personal use. But in reality, this kind of work is really artistic. With this collection, I wanted to celebrate it like couture.”

Cruise 21 collection

A series of dresses, gowns, and skirts embroidered with flowers and heaters. one-shouldered dresses in soft colors, Pants, and jackets. Merging the materials of leather and lace into most designs.

The accessories Diversified between leather yokes or corsets, head kerchiefs, leather wrist cuffs, gold jewelry, leather boots, and lace-up sandals.