Le Bristol Paris: Re-opens with new suites and new garden

Le Bristol Paris, an icon of timeless glamour in the heart of Paris, will reopen its doors on the first of September to a fabulous new chapter in a remarkable history. This precious rebirth gives life to a unique new spirit at Le Bristol, bringing a contemporary vision to its suites and garden with designs that speak the language of discrete elegance, telling a story of timeless sophistication. These majestic refurbishments are the capstone marking the completion of Le Bristol Paris’ multi-phase renewal.

For the new room and suite designs, Le Bristol Paris consulted Countess Bergit Douglas and the creative team at her architectural firm, MM Design. The traditional artisanry of Colefax & Fowler, Briatte, Farrow & Ball, Maison Taillardat, and Loro Piana are displayed in tasteful touches throughout.

And the garden designed by the World-renowned landscape designer Lady Arabella Lennox – Boyd which she approached her new creation for Le Bristol Paris with a deep respect for nature’s delicacy, her permanent source of inspiration.

Le Bristol returns with renovated suites, More exquisite than ever

the Lumière Suite. Located on the hotel’s 5th floor with a view over Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, the suite is designed in the spirit of an elegant Parisian apartment with a library corridor between the drawing-room and bedroom, and large bow windows to invite an abundance of light. Soft tonalities of aqua, jade, and coral bring a warm and contemporary feel to this brand new pied-à-Terre that is conceived to be a tranquil harbour for the Paris bound.

The beloved Paris Suite. Has been infused with the beauty of embroidered draperies at the French doors, creating a sumptuous and regal threshold between the resplendent quietude of the interior and the stylish runway that is Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré. The richness of the wood parquet — the same as is seen in the Palais de Versailles — and the ornate luxury of a rug made from silk give reason to look down and admire the poetry beneath one’s feet.

The majestic Elysée Suite. A walk-in closet illuminated by natural light offers a veritable stage for showcasing the day’s purchases from the famous boutiques in Paris’ most exclusive shopping district. In the expansive drawing room, walls painted in soft hues are outlined by limed oak moulding for a light, contemporary finish and a gentle atmosphere in which to relax after an afternoon’s treatment at Spa Le Bristol by La Prairie. A private bar now graces the living space for in-suite entertaining that will rival any evening out in the City of Light—an exclusive prelude to dinner at Epicure.

The Panoramic Suite. Famously captured in the Academy Award-winning film, Midnight in Paris, is preserved in the same design as seen on the silver screen. Now boasting a plush new sofa, it beckons the jet-lagged to curl up with a great book and a glass of rosé Champagne.

Suite 1925. A tribute to perennial diva Josephine Baker, is enlivened by original portraits of the beloved entertainer, taken right here at Le Bristol Paris. One imagines dancing the Charleston through this charming, mansard-roofed suite.

The Honeymoon Suite. Here, the cinematic view over Paris offers a pure dose of romance. The Terrace Suite, with its private outdoor spa, channels all of the serenity of a wellness retreat into this rooftop haven, where the warm sun and soft perfume of roses soothe both body and mind with their gentle essence.

The Penthouse Suite. One is elegantly cut off from the world — but not of its riches — in 350- square-meters of lavish living space.

Le Bristol returns with renovated elegant garden; An oasis of flowers and calm

After several months of planning, sketching and planting, Le Bristol Paris unveils a completely updated garden in a verdant expression of the renewed Bristol spirit.

Open skies over Le Bristol Paris

Paris is generous. She presents a countless array of fabulous monuments and dazzles the eye with her historic façades. Her bridges and squares pulsate with charm. Her museums overflow with masterworks, and her storefronts, with elegance. Paris holds one captive in a swirl of beauty and wonder.

But in Paris, as in every buzzing capital, peaceful green spaces are rare. So rare, in fact, that the mere mention of one evokes daydreams of stillness and fragrant air. Precious and scarce, private gardens are like the new urban holy grail.

Le Bristol Paris’ new garden is a hidden treasure open for discovery. It is an oasis of flowers and calm lined by plush drawing rooms and a colonnade adorned by blossoming orange trees. The garden is a jewel of serenity only steps away from the bustle of Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. Today, the green heart of the Palace takes on a magnificent new dimension to make our own hearts beat a little faster.

Designing a garden is like painting with plants”, Lady Arabella Lennox – Boyd

Planting for the future

Her bedrock philosophy for this project has been environmental consciousness and sustainability, and Le Bristol Paris is a passionate partner. The hotel has a long-held and deepening commitment to making responsible choices when it comes to the wellbeing of the planet, its guests and employees. These high standards of environmental stewardship have earned Le Bristol the Green Globe certification.

To maintain the garden’s abundance, Le Bristol Paris vows to use only 100% plant-based and biodegradable products with beneficial impacts on the planet.

A garden to live in

The garden has been completely rearranged, with its focal points resituated and its stable structures adapted to the new configuration. Hornbeam hedges on stilts create a new look, offering privacy and a lush immersion in nature. The green lawn is decorated with the soft symmetry of trees and hedges and a tumble of herbaceous plants. One of Arabella’s favourite trees, the Japanese snowbell, creates an illusion of depth and, in the upper garden, variegated tiered dogwoods, English Yew, and evergreen Osmanthus topiaries add drama to the view overhead.

The garden’s centre is lined with deep maroon wood planters showcasing flowers and plants that will shift with the seasons, offering new colours and moods throughout the year. New green treillage, to her design throughout the garden, supports fragrant climbing roses and other plants.

The peaceful green haven’s calm is enhanced by the soothing sound of two contemporary fountains in natural slate “to create gentle sound and sparkling reflections,” as she explains.

This garden is an enchanting meeting place. The landscape designer wanted to create more than a beautiful garden. She wished to bring about a garden that coaxes the visitor to walk around, to relax in and to enjoy over a vanilla mille-feuille or a craft cocktail. She wanted to design a space where nature happens.

Le Bristol Paris owned by Oetker Collection