Louis Vuitton: Women’s Spring-Summer 2021 Collection

Louis Vuitton presented his Women’s Spring-Summer 2021 Collection by Nicolas Ghesquière at Samaritaine during Paris fashion week.

The show inspired by the ’80s-ish silhouettes features by the 360-degree cameras and large swaths of the green screens lined the walls, serving as chroma key screens for scenes from Wim Wenders’ film “Wings of Desire” where the virtual audiences watched the show.

This season, Nicolas Ghesquière steps into a territory where gender is erased and creative possibilities are endless. The collection finds expression in a landscape that is tenuous and vast, but also neutral: giving it color, forging its character, inciting radicality, giving it personality. Louis Vuitton

The collection traverses into the unique and uncharted territory of style not defined by gender and does not have boundaries, it is a vague, neutral, and sensitive zone but one that provokes mental stimulation and promises exponential creative possibilities.

“My question this season was less about one theme; it was about this zone between femininity and masculinity, This zone is highlighted by nonbinary people, people that are taking a lot of freedom dressing themselves as they want, and, in turn, giving a lot of freedom to all of us. I found it inspiring to explore what the items are that represent this wardrobe that is not feminine, not masculine. I wanted to zoom in on that section in between.” Nicolas Ghesquière

The show started with a comfortable style loose cream sweater splashed with the word “Vote” and baggy pleated chino pants cinched with a thick belt dropped to the knee, sweeping big-shouldered coats, boxy bomber jackets and big pants with lots of character and Boxy T-shirt dresses bearing dime-store candy-bar-type graphics.

The chic of a simple cap-sleeve sailor T-shirt with loose trousers dusted with sparkling embroideries, the black leather pants, and the sexy Ditto the lapel-less suits in khaki or silver sequins gave a touch of elegance.

The accessories stood out with a boxy one in crocodile the color of melted caramel with a heavy gold chain, and a new soft bag with accordion folds that came stamped with the LV monogram but in leather, the same blinding green as the walls, the sneakers, and the puffy high heels looked chic and fun.

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