Maison Francis Kurkdjian: L’eau À la rose.

« Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose » wrote Gertrude Stein in her poem, « Sacred Emily ».

Through his creation, master perfumer Francis Kurkdjian has put a modern spin on a theme sometimes seen as old-fashioned, giving a contemporary way of wearing arose and seducing those who were initially resistant to wear the scent. Rapidly over the months, À la rose became one of the iconic fragrances of Maison Francis Kurkdjian olfactive wardrobe,

A poetic name for a delicate fragrance

Inspired by the story of a painting of Queen Marie Antoinette holding a Centifolia rose in her hand signed Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun, her official portraitist, Francis Kurkdjiancreated in 2014 the same name Eau de parfum: À la rose.

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L’eau À la rose, a tribute to femininity

In 2019, Francis Kurkdjian has imagined a new emotion with the creation of the eau de toilette variation. Like the caress of rose petals gathered at daybreak,l’eau À la rose unfolds on the skin with a delicate floral freshness. A drop of perfumed water reflecting a bouquet of four hundred freshly bloomed roses.

To compose l’eau À la rose, a fruity floral eau de toilette, Francis Kurkdjian has chosen two sorts of roses from two origins. Damascena rose oil from Bulgaria offers its fruity note, slightly spicy and fruity (pear and lychee) for a blooming top note. On the base note, centifolia rose absolute from Grasse gives its generous rosy floral note, a petalled effect with slightly honeyed facet.

This duo composed of four hundred powerful roses has been magnified thanks to a green and airy freshness peony accord and above all a lychee top note adding fruity and tangy facets. The white musks convey a sensual and light enveloping effect. Even though l’eau À la rose is an eau de toilette, Francis Kurkdjian has given greater importance to rose in his formula, practically doubling its proportions. As a result, l’eau À la rose has a long-lasting sillage.

L’eau a la rose Eau de toilette for woman natural spray available in 2.4 fl.oz.

A la rose collection includes as well body cream, shower gel, body oil, bain mist, hand cream, and travel set,

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