MEMO PARIS Perfume: Your Souvenir, Your Journey

Memo Paris perfume collections were made up from here and there, places far away or near, different stories and different worlds. Each fragrance is a new feeling, is an invitation to travel, it is a call to live the experience, and to live the passion and the desire that you may have forgotten.

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Perfume is a souvenir, Memo is its memory

The Parisian fragrance house launched in 2007 by Clara Molloy and her husband John see fragrance as a journey, forging its identity around magical destinations and potent raw materials.
This desire for travels to far-off places and encounters is the very reflection of the founding couples she the Parisian-Catalan poet, he the sporty Irish globetrotter.

Clara and John Molloy, the founders of Memo, met on a chair lift in 2005, between sky and earth, between two worlds, in that weightless space that brings out one’s daring side and broadens horizons. It wasn’t long before they decided to set off together on a long-distance journey. It would also be a creative journey.

This choice was guided by their past and their convictions: John Molloy grew up in the bracing Irish countryside, surrounded by horses, before travelling the world to discover other cultures and life beyond working leather and the land. Clara Molloy forged her love of accents in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, Catalan pine trees and Swiss mountains. Travel to her is as necessary as breathing, an open book on life.

They saw fragrance as a means of taking a magical journey, extended beyond its end and constantly re-travelled. Imagining the bottle as a destination appealed to them. Fragrance has the same rite-of-passage dimension as travel, serving as a threshold between the known and the unknown. Smelling, breathing in a scent, is accepting to leave a safety zone in search of new sensations, and tying them to one’s personal experience. Fragrance kindles an excitement similar to that of a journey, a departure. It is about openness and abandonment.

Memo Paris Perfume: The Journey is the Destination

Clara first called upon great fragrance designers to draw up a sentimental cartography of exceptional fragrances. After writing a book in 2006 on “noses”, those discreet creators, the idea of launching her own brand gradually took shape. During an encounter with Aliénor Massenet, a perfumer with IFF, something clicked. Aliénor had worked for seven years in New York with IFF alongside the great perfumer Sofia Grosjman, before heading to Paris. Her way of combining fragrance, emotion and contrasts was met with Clara’s deep-seated desire, and marked the beginning of their collaboration.

Memo like memory. Like souvenir. Like sillage.
Through its four collections, Memo recharts the map of a sensory world steeped in emotion, revisited with fragrances, ingredients and sensations. Its motto: “The journey is the destination”.

“Les Échappées” is a collection of mooring points leading from chic and Bohemian Paris to the heart of Burma.

”Cuirs Nomades” collection explores the leather note through emblematic destinations, from Africa to Italy.

“Graines Vagabondes” collection sows the scent of natural seeds like sesame, still a rarity in perfumery.

“Art Land” collection reveals a more aesthetic facet of Memo, paying tribute to mysterious territories transformed by the artistic hand of humankind.

Memo for Memory, giving the fragrance a direct link with that state of reminiscence and sensitivity specific to travel and discovery. The expression “The journey is the destination” captures the spirit.

Memo Paris has made its home at 24, Rue Cambon, in the 1st arrondissement of Paris. Its creations are available in over thirty countries.

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