Philipp Plein: “I Know What You Did Next Summer”

A luxury yacht, chopper, speedboat, and four-wheeler on the coast of Monte Carlo. Philipp Plein presented his collection Spring/summer 21 named “I Know What You Did Next Summer.” in a happy and refreshing ambiance.

“It’s an example of positive thinking, looking forward to a future we want to have. This could be us next year, living the happy life on the superyacht… We wanted to create a realistic atmosphere to show how they might look like as they travel to the boat on the helicopter. Then they are enjoying themselves during the day on the boat, on the jet ski, or having a drink, or just chilling and sunbathing. And then the whole day ends with a party. The whole idea was to create an easy, happy atmosphere.”
“At this moment, I think people are starving for positive energy and positive moments. There’s so much negativity all around us.” Philipp Plein

The show features stunning girls arriving on the spectacular boat for a day of lounging, playing on the water, cocktailing, and dancing. while Swarovski, leopard print, and death’s heads were present in the 21 looks.

The collection was plenty of Plein-style logo comfort wears hoodies with jeweled necklaces attached, leggings and tees, bike shorts, high-cut one-piece bathing suits, sneakers with jewel-faceted air pockets in the heels, and ortho-Velcro sandals with crystal skull logos. the black, long sleeve flared mini dress dripping crystal fringes, and the scarf neon leopard-print halter gown slit high on the leg.

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