Saint Laurent: Women’s Winter 21

Saint Laurent presented his women’s winter 21 show “Where The Silver Wind Blows” by the creative director Anthony Vaccarello, a Wonderful cinematic show made in cooperation with Nathalie Canguilhem.

enjoy watching Saint Laurent’s models walking between the waves and the rocks.

“Where The Silver Wind Blows”

The show took us on a journey to beauty, not only to the world of fashion and designs but also a journey to the beauty within us.

The whole story was between identification and conflict through designs and nature. it is shown through the short, nude, and transparent designs In that cold remote place. And through the colors, dark rocks, and grey sky, versus the bright shiny colors. And finally, it is shown through the expressions of the models themself who challenge the cold sometimes and surrender to it at other times.

The classic touch is strongly evident through the accessories and the music which is contrasted between the Sharpness and the smoothy that reflects the classic Saint Laurent’s designs that we are accustomed to. Where Anthony Vaccarello succeeded in a wonderful way in crowning this classic, adding touches of cuts and modern colors.

Saint Laurent show was a charming mixture of designs, music, and photography. It was an integrated story between conflict and victory, but it certainly raised the level of the fashion show to another dimension that is difficult to compete away from the traditional one that we knew.

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