The COAT: FW 2020/21 collection: Freedom and Sustainability

The Ukrainian prêt-à-porter womenswear brand “the COAT by Katya Silchenko” launches a new FW20/21 collection, every millimeter of which is deserved to be intently explored. The collection impresses with its concentration of details, taking into account the current monochrome palette of models this season.

Enjoy the amazing designs and discover the Philosophy behind the brand.

The COAT: Conscious and Sustainable Fashion

«I am happy to follow the rapid development of sustainable fashion technologies, due to which we can provide better care of our customers’ comfortability. Thereby, we have created a #timeless collection that is harmless for the skin.» Katya Silchenko

“the COAT” supports the philosophy of ethical fashion by promoting conscious consumption and preventing unnecessary overproduction. The brand also focuses on creating a pleasing working environment for the team and pays attention to high- quality service and honest communication.

For this season’s collection chief designer Katya Silchenko decided to include coloured PU leather (PU – polyurethane) to promote the positive effects of sustainable production. This leather can be considered as an alternative replacement, both visually and tactilely, to all natural types of leather. PU leather is weightless, resistant to weather conditions and temperature, does not change its shape or contain harmful additives. Therefore, its main characteristic is environmental friendliness towards the human body, that was a pleasant shocking revelation for the global fashion industry.

The COAT: Focus on Quality

High-quality standards is an imperative value of “theCOAT”, hence why the team pays special attention to quality control. It is the designer’s personal crucial responsibility to choose and verify every piece of fabric or production material. This particular leather for the FW20/21 collection was found at a factory that collaborates with world fashion houses, such as Stella McCartney. The lineup consists of a range of iconic coats, as well as products made from Italian wool and cashmere.

The FW20/21 collection surprises not only in terms of the textile choice, but also due to the complex patterns and sewing techniques. Following the global #tech-tility trend, the brand implements modern techniques of leather pleating: the effect of "soft volume" and quilted geometric upholstery. The collection pays homage to deep natural shades, reminding of the autumn-winter season: woody brown, cream coffee, smoky grey, rich merlot and truffle.

The COAT: Borders are Open

the COAT by Katya Silchenko grows up and continues to gain momentum, finding a response from stylish women around the world. The team processes online orders from France, Italy, USA, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Lithuania, Germany, Kazakhstan and many others. In conditions of closed borders, the desire to feel freedom manifests itself more than ever.

The FW 2020/21 collection is the absence of boundaries in the perception of appearance and in making stylistic decisions. There are no ideals, no taboos, the skin tone is unimportant, the hairstyle depends on mood, age does not matter, and any figure is beautiful. Real women who accept themselves as real, share love for their bodies, and feel confident.

The COAT evolves with its customers, the FW2020/21 collection is about freedom, the lineup allows you to see yourself in a new way from urban comfort to the feminine silhouettes, which are iconic in the brand. The combination of trendy shades of the season, textures, and traditional emphasis on details – everything to create an irreproachable effect.

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